Getting back to work and life.

Even before this pandemic, your safety has always been our number one priority. The time has come to get back to work; therefore, your facility needs to be a safe work, learning, and living space for its occupants.

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Healthy business starts with healthy buildings.

How you maintain your facility today determines the health of your business tomorrow. With proper disinfection and effective cleaning processes being a focal point for overcoming COVID-19, we’ll get you back to business with the products, customized facility solutions, and communications tools and resources you need to stay safe and operate better than before.

Providing your building’s occupants with meaningful information and ongoing communication about how to stay safe creates a lasting impact for them and their business.

Tools & Resources

It is important that occupants feel safe and secure in your facility. These posters, notices, training charts, and more will assist in their well-being.

Checklist: Essential Products Checklist: Pandemic Flu Response Poster: Proper Hand Washing Guide Poster: Remember 6 Feet Apart


Need step-by-step guidance and solutions
that extend beyond communication?

Visit our Safety Support Center for comprehensive tools and resources, designed to ensure your facility is operating at its best.

Products that protect in any industry.

EPA-approved disinfectants, professional cleaning products, and equipment are key to keeping facilities in all industries safe from viruses like COVID-19. For your protection, Daycon manufactures multiple EPA-approved disinfectants and high quality hand soaps, as well as a Daycon branded hand sanitizer, which are readily available to you.

We also provide essential PPE, biohazard cleanup kits, and paper products. In other words, we deliver the protection you deserve, no matter your needs or industry.

EPA Approved Disinfectants
Hand Soap & Sanitizer
Message Mats
Electrostatic Spraying
ATP Testing
Microfiber Wipes
Clean Up Kits

Need high-quality PPE for your team?

With Daycon, you’ll receive Personal Protective Equipment from an experienced vendor you can count on to keep your facilities stocked and safe from potential sickness.

Customized facility solutions for safer spaces.

You and your facility are unique in many ways. As a result, your business depends on custom solutions that are specifically designed to meet your evolving needs. Meeting these needs and ensuring your safety is why we get up every day. With step-by-step guidance on how to return to business better than before, we’ll provide the recommendations you need on everything from proper product use to cleaning processes, to policy development and beyond.

Nothing is more important than the safety of you, your team, and your building’s occupants.

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High Performance Training

Train your entire team on the latest disinfection and cleaning for health techniques to ensure your facility is functioning better than ever. Along the way, receive access to certification opportunities, instructional materials and visual aids, skills training, and custom training— all designed to help you incorporate the safest, most efficient practices into your facility’s routine.

FREE Consulting, Facility Assessment & Ongoing Support

In times of crisis, it’s critical to pause and re-evaluate your existing processes. Daycon provides complimentary consulting, auditing, and assessing of your facilities, processes, and products.

Find out how YOU can operate better than before.

For your protection and convenience, we’ve created one place for all your facility needs. Enjoy step-by-step guides on topics like training, proactive emergency procedures, product information, and more.

Our promise to you.

We promise to help you and your team succeed as if it were our own. Not just during this uncertain time, but every day after.

To those who know us best, this extra effort is invaluable. To us, it’s just the Daycon way.

Stewards in safety.

Our team of experienced professionals are readily available to answer any questions and provide the support you need to perform better than before at work.

As your stewards in safety, we have the resources you need, when you need them. No exceptions.

So now, the only question is…

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